Dabble With Your Dinner and Veg Up Family Favourites

Article Written: January 25, 2014

Dabble With Your Dinner Campaign

We all want to eat healthily, but for many people life gets in the way. ‘Dabble with your dinner’ is a new initiative to help British families eat more vegetables. It focuses on six of the most popular family meals, providing simple tweaks to add veg to the dishes people already cook every day.

Our research shows that 90% of families cook the same meals over and over again, and getting food on the table on weeknights is a routine task, all done from memory with few lists and no recipes. We need to start where people are and make it incredibly easy and practical for them to change.

Why This Matters

The typical UK diet is unsustainable for our health and for the environment. An excess of meat, dairy and processed food is leading to increasing levels of chronic diseases and scarcity of resources. Encouraging people to eat more veg is the single biggest opportunity to mobilise families to make a positive change to their diet, but also one of the most challenging behaviours to tackle. Dabble with your dinner aims to help do this with a pragmatic approach based on the reality of people’s shopping, cooking and eating habits.

The fact is that we don’t eat enough fruit and veg in the UK: on average only 3 portions a day. Increases in fruit consumption have been outweighed by a long-term decline in veg consumption. There is also a worrying downward trend in younger age groups, and in low income families who bought 30% less in 2010 as in 2006.

Doing Our Bit

In an attempt to get families eating a well balanced diet with fruit and vegetables at the heart of every dish; each week we will be sharing simple ways to add veg to your favourite meals. We will also be encouraging you to share your own ideas and recipes.

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