Our Suppliers

The Shropshire Spice Company


A traditional company manufacturing wholesome food products from original country recipes. We are committed to producing quality products without flavourings, additives or colours. Best known for their extensive range of gourmet stuffing mixes, breadcrumb coatings, BBQ marinades and dip mixes.

Tyrrells Crisps

Founded by William Chase; hand-cooking proper English crisps in small small batches at Tyrrells Court Farm in Herefordshire since 2002. During this time they have picked up over 50 Great Taste Awards, so you can really tell they’re obsessed with making the very finest crisps!

Sunshine Foods

Fissi purees are freshly made using only natural ingredients. Conveniently packed and bursting with flavor no cook should be without their fresh purees of garlic, ginger, red hot pepper, green chilli and sun-dried tomato.

Hanley’s Confectionary

A unique British chocolatier and confectioner who began heir journey in a Nantwich based Kitchen, developing their early confectionary ideas. They have since expanded into production facilities in Hanley, Staffordshire, however have still remained true to their roots; being passionate about creating great tasting indulgent chocolate affordable for everyone to enjoy!

Great Ness Oils

Great Ness Oils' extra virgin, cold pressed rapeseed oil is produced from seed grown on Great Ness farm in the heart of beautiful Shropshire. The seed is gently pressed without the use of heat or chemicals, passed through a state of the art filtration system to produce a totally natural, unadulterated oil of stunning clarity. Their range of flavoured rapeseed oils, made using only natural ingredients really excite the taste bids and add fabulous flavor to any dish.

High Lane Oatcakes

The family run business was established in June 1980, taking over an existing bakery, which goes back over 100 years. Using the original recipe, bought with the business, they began to experiment with the ingredients and following numerous tasting sessions with friends and family they arrived at the trusted recipe used today.

Canalside Farm

Growers of market produce for over 25 years; Chris and Wendy Barton pride themselves on producing high quality, fresh, seasonal products. They specialise in growing the most delicious strawberries, alongside two more recent crops of raspberries and asparagus.

Mrs Darlington’s

The family has been producing high quality curds, jams, chutneys and sauces for over 30 years. Finding themselves with surplus eggs from their farm, she was encouraged by husband Tom to produce a batch of his favourite lemon curd. In 1985 Tom converted farm buildings into a kitchen, later relocating to even bigger premises in 1992. Today, it still remains a family concern with her two daughters Sarah and Wendy now on board.

Helens Country Larder

Baker and creator of truly amazing cakes, biscuits, jams, chutneys and curds. Baked in the traditional way, using only the finest local ingredients.

Nick and Helen Furnival

A working 270 acre farm, run by Nick and Helen Furnival. The land at Hungerheath is light and ideal for growing crops (traditionally a potato farm), so in 1986 Nick had the idea of growing asparagus – back then a relatively unknown vegetable. Now on an area of 18 acres they continue to grow the crop they are most famous for. 


Since 1970, William Tullberg, his son Guy and his growing family of co-workers have been making their range of condiments in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. They are driven by two twin aims of producing the best on the market, tasting as good as the best-home-made, and of making it traditionally in small batches, with all natural ingredients.

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