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  1. April’s Best Fruit and Veg

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    Memories of smelly school dinners all too much? Look again. One of the few vegetables that is in season in Britain almost all year round, the versatile cauliflower is having a comeback.

    Our quick and tasty tips:

    • Delicious roasted with spices like cumin and coriander and served with a good sprinkling of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon.

    • Try making a lighter cauliflower cheese by parboiling and then roasting cauliflower florets on a buttered roasting tray with a sprinkling of Parmesan.
  2. March’s Best Fruit and Veg

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    As good looking as it is good for you, a squeaky-leaved spring green cabbage is a thing of beauty and vitality. Less boring than broccoli, it’s also great value. Hurrah!

    Our quick and tasty tips:

    Spring bubble and squeak for breakfast: Try frying an onion in a non-stick pan until soft, then add cooked shredded cabbage and cooked crushed potatoes and fry until brown and crusty underneath. Turn over and brown the other side. Delicious with smoked bacon and a poached egg.

  3. Dabble With Your Dinner and Veg Up Family Favourites

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    Dabble With Your Dinner Campaign

    We all want to eat healthily, but for many people life gets in the way. ‘Dabble with your dinner’ is a new initiative to help British families eat more vegetables. It focuses on six of the most popular family meals, providing simple tweaks to add veg to the dishes people already cook every day.

    Our research shows that 90% of families cook the same meals over and over again, and getting food on the table on weeknights is a routine task, all done from memory with few lists and no recipes. We need to start where people are and make it incredibly easy and practical for them to change.

    Why This Matters

    The typical UK diet is unsustainable for our health and for the environment. An excess of meat, dairy and processed food is leading to increasing levels of chronic diseases and scarcity of resources. Encouraging people to eat more veg is the single biggest opportunity to mobilise families to make a positive change to their diet, but also one of the most challenging behaviours to tackle. Dabble with your dinner aims to help do this with a pragmatic approach based on the reality of people’s shopping, cooking and eating habits.

    The fact is that we don’t eat enough fruit and veg in the UK: on average only 3 portions a day. Increases in fruit consumption have been outweighed by a long-term decline in veg consumption. There is also a worrying downward trend in younger age groups, and in low income families who bought 30% less in 2010 as in 2006.

    Doing Our Bit

    In an attempt to get families eating a well balanced diet with fruit and vegetables at the heart of every dish; each week we will be sharing simple ways to add veg to your favourite meals. We will also be encouraging you to share your own ideas and recipes.

  4. January’s Best Fruit and Veg

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    Each fruit or vegetable has a prime time when it’s at its seasonal best. Some are great for over half of the year; others only hit their peak for a month. Either way it means extra flavour, extra crunch, extra juiciness—all super-fresh and great value. This month’s best is Kale and Carrots…

    Kale: The iron-packed super food with the super taste!

    Kale is king for seasonal eaters! It tastes and grows best during the brrrr!-est of months, particularly January. Perfect for hotting up the goodness in hearty stews and soups like scotch broth.

    Carrots: Delicious, healthy and tasty. It doesn’t get easier than this!

    Crunchy and tasty, carrots will keep you fresh all winter. Try with apple juice for a refreshing drink. Add coriander to make a satisfying soups. Or mix with almonds for the ultimate Carrot Cake.

  5. Enjoy Fresh Fruit and Veg at its Seasonal Best

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    Eat Seasonably celebrates eating the right things at the right time: a crisp salad when it’s hot and sunny, a wholesome stew when it’s cold; strawberries in June, Brussels sprouts in December. Eating seasonably means: 

    • Better taste – top chefs agree that fresh seasonal produce is best
    • Better value – our research has shown that a basket of fruit and veg bought in the summer can be as much as a third cheaper than the same basket bought out of season
    • Better for the planet – growing in season requires lower levels of artificial inputs than at other times of the year
  6. Introducing Our New Veg Bags Website

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    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new ‘Walkers Veg Bags’ website. Here you’ll be able to sign up to our ever popular weekly delivery service, view our full range of fruit and veg bags, browse our range of Farm Shop produce; including cakes, biscuits, jams, sauces, condiments, meats and much more. You will also find a selection of inspiring recipes, a list of local suppliers, as well as exciting promotions and special offers… We hope you all enjoy. Kind regards The Walker Family.

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